The ICC World Cup 2023: A Farewell to the 10-Team Format and a Blow to Big Teams

The ICC World Cup 2023’The upcoming ICC World Cup 2023 is set to be the last of its kind, following the familiar 10-team round-robin format that has entertained cricket fans for years. This format, which sees each team facing all the others, offers 45 thrilling matches to determine the four semi-finalists. However, with a new format slated for introduction in 2027, the era of the 10-team group stage is drawing to a close.

The 2019 edition of the tournament kicked off with an exhilarating clash between England and South Africa at The Oval, with the host nation eventually claiming their first ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup victory. What made this format special was the six-week-long Group Stage, where every team played nine matches, allowing for ebbs and flows as potential contenders emerged.

The ICC World Cup 2023

One of the format’s beauties was that a slow start didn’t necessarily spell doom for a team’s chances of advancing. Pakistan in 2019 serves as a prime example. They began with just one win in their first five matches but rallied with four consecutive victories, narrowly missing a semi-final berth due to net run-rate. This format rewarded momentum, making Pakistan the form side in the later stages.

On the flip side, Australia secured a semi-final spot early, winning six of their first seven matches. India followed, topping the Group Stage with seven wins from nine games. However, the World Cup isn’t just about a strong start; timing matters. England and New Zealand, for instance, hit their stride at the right time during the knock-out stages.

The semi-final clash between India and New Zealand was a tense affair over two days at Old Trafford, with New Zealand eventually winning by 18 runs, thanks to remarkable fielding from Martin Guptill. England avenged their Group Stage loss to Australia with an emphatic eight-wicket win, securing their place in the final for the first time since 1992.

These outcomes set the stage for a new champion to be crowned, the first time in over two decades since Sri Lanka’s victory in 1996. England and New Zealand battled to a dramatic tie in the final, resulting in a Super Over where England edged out the Kiwis on boundary count, sealing their triumph in an unforgettable final at Lord’s.

England’s victory showcased their mastery of the Cricket World Cup format, winning their first game and the last, exemplifying the art of managing the 10-team Group Stage.

Now, as the sun sets on this format, the question looms: Will England repeat their feat, or will another team emerge as the master of the 10-team Group Stage setup in the ICC World Cup 2023? Cricket enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the answer, anticipating another chapter of thrilling competition in the world of cricket.

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