Mohammed Shami Touted as India’s Key to Halt Babar Azam in Asia Cup Opener

Mohammed Shami Touted as India’s Key to Halt Babar Azam in Asia Cup Opener

As India prepares to face Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2023 opener on September 2, the question arises: who will be the key to stopping Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam? While many might suggest Jasprit Bumrah’s name, former India batter Mohammad Kaif has a different perspective. He believes that it will be Mohammed Shami who poses the greatest challenge to Babar Azam.

Kaif highlighted Shami’s exceptional form and his ability to handle the bowling attack even in the absence of Bumrah. Speaking on Star Sports, Kaif expressed, “Mohammed Shami is a fantastic bowler, his form is also very good. And even in Bumrah’s absence, he managed the bowling very well. Even his form in the IPL was great. So he has a lot of talent. In my opinion, Babar Azam is going to have a lot of difficulty.”

Shami, a veteran right-arm seamer with around 10 years of experience, stepped up when Bumrah was sidelined due to a stress fracture during the T20 World Cup last year. As he potentially approaches his last ODI World Cup, Shami aims to leave a lasting impact.

Commenting on the upcoming match, Shami highlighted the team’s preparation and focus. He emphasized the significance of maintaining a clear plan and executing it effectively during crucial matches.

Shami also spoke about the return of Jasprit Bumrah, stating that having him back strengthens India’s bowling combination, especially in the white-ball format. Shami’s approach remains focused on giving his best, regardless of the stage of the match or the type of ball he bowls with. He expressed confidence in the team’s skill and the collective effort to bring positive results.

As India looks forward to the Asia Cup clash, Shami’s confidence and tactical approach could play a crucial role in countering the formidable Babar Azam and his Pakistani team.

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